At some point every generations hits a time where the lines between ages begin to blur and somehow our high school and teen years are over and we’ve been faced with the realities of being an adult. It could be your first time living alone at college, your first real job, getting married, your first apartment, or even buying a house.  It is the first time in many of our lives that all our decisions come down to are true beliefs that are at the core of who we are, and we often begin to evaluate many of the ideas we grew up with and sift through which one’s are really a part of us.  Sometimes we just want to find a group of people who grew up in similar backgrounds or share some similar beliefs and be free to explore our ideas without fear of judgment.

That is where the Young Adult group comes in.  We’re are a casual monthly social meetup group where the only requirement is that you belong roughly to the same generation (For us Millennials that’s early 20something to early 30 something). It doesn’t matter if you just graduated high school, started college, started your first job, got engaged,  or are married. Our meetups are usually at events downtown like food truck Tuesday, trips to Dave and Busters, bowling, Canalside, and we’re always open to new ideas.  These are casual fun events, There are no pre-requisites belief systems, there are no sermons, services, etc.  The point of this is to just come together, get to know other people with similar world views or to get to know other points of view.  At the end of the day, your faith is a personal choice that you have to arrive at on your own terms- but doing life alone is boring, so join some people who are facing the same things as you and do life together.  Check our new Twitter @LCyoungadult_BL  for event announcements.