What to expect on a Sunday morning


At Life Church Buffalo, we believe life is best when we do it together. Join us for our Sunday experiences as we connect with one another and learn more about Who Jesus is!

Life Church Buffalo

4928 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY 14224

As you approach 4928 Seneca St., look for the dark green sign. The building itself sits back from the road. Pull in the entrance drive and parking will be easy to find. Once you enter the doors, you'll immediately find yourself in the Auditorium, where our Guest Services team will greet you and assist you. (If you are bringing children with you, you can check them into our KidsLife experience!)

On your way to your seat, grab a cup of coffee at the back of the family room from our church café. We offer a variety of coffee from "Premium Coffee Roasters", right here in the Southtowns. Take it to your seat and enjoy it during the service. As you look around, you’ll find most people are dressed casually.

At the beginning of the experience a live band will begin to lead everyone into a time of singing contemporary worship songs to help us focus and worship God.  He has promised to be with us, and we expect Him to be present. We like to stand up as we sing. Some people may clap their hands to the music, while others may raise their hands in worship. It's a personal thing. Once we sing about three songs, we’ll take communion together. We offer communion to anyone who is a believer in Jesus Christ. While you’re in line for communion, you’ll also notice optional prayer stations available for anyone who has need for prayer. 

Before the message, you’ll have an opportunity to give a financial offering in worship to the Lord, and greet the people around you. Sometimes the pastor will present an opportunity for a special outreach/missions project. Every week, we are blessing people around the world, whether they have just gone through an earthquake or hurricane, or people in our own community who have lost a job or are in need of food and clothing. Then the pastor will speak for about a half-hour on a relevant topic you’ll be able to engage with and apply in your own life.

The service is about 90 minutes.  When it's over, the pastor will be at the front door if you would like to meet him. Everyone is quite friendly. Our hope is that you will have had an opportunity to discover Jesus Christ in a personal way. Hope to see you soon!