Caution: Spero youth group is a highly-charged spiritual event, creating an atmosphere that extends the bounds of mediocrity, where extreme life changes become a reality! If you don't want that, then stay home, eat Oreos, watch Victorious and just get by in the shallow stagnated waters of a SELF-centered life. This is our hour, this is our generation and this is our passion. SPEROs are committed to seeing this generation encounter God, rise above, live for love, and answer the call. This generation won't wait.

And, oh yeah!  You're probably wondering, "Why the name Spero?" No, we are not a species of bird.  "Spero" is the Latin term for "HOPE" - you know, that thing that you and everybody else is looking for.  Psalm 71:5 says it for us, “For you have been my hope, O Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth.”

Spero takes place every Friday at 7pm. Contact the church by phone or email to get more information.