For over 25 years, Clem Ferris, a full-time itinerate minister, has traveled nationally and internationally to over 44 nations equipping believers through a strong combination of teaching and prophetic ministry from his home base, Grace Church, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He also serves on the Board of Grace College of Divinity, and is affiliated with mPact Churches, the network of churches that Life Church Buffalo is connected to. Listen as Clem wraps up this series on The Rise of Leadership by speaking prophetically to the transition that our church is going through using the transition from Moses to Joshua as a backdrop to help the church be… 1) ready to accept the reality of transitions, 2) ready to accept new leadership, 3) attuned to God’s word, 4) awake to our own emotions and 5) open to new opportunities. Recorded on 5-28-17.