KidsLife is the Children’s Ministry at Life Church Buffalo and covers ages birth to 5th Grade.  Our mission is to help children know and follow Jesus step by step. In KidsLife, we follow a Code to ensure that every child experiences LIFE.


We are passionate about kids learning about Jesus at their level. Our environments, curriculum and age breakouts are designed to reach children in an age appropriate way.  We believe that every child can experience Jesus and His love.


We believe that parents are the most influential relationship in a child’s life. We join the parent in celebrating their child and their growth in becoming like and knowing Jesus.  We want to equip parents with resources to make for strong families who love Jesus and have made Him the leader of their homes.


God created children to be attracted to FUN.  We aim to help children LOVE church. Our children will look forward to going to church every week because church is fun, and so is Jesus!


It is of utmost importance that we protect our children. From volunteer background checks, to safety personnel, and from lesson content to the to the products we use – we ensure the safety of our children.

We want kids to LOVE their church.  It’s not just their parents’ church. It is their church! At Life Church Buffalo we partner with Orange Curriculum to help make the Bible come alive for every child to learn about Jesus at their level.  We incorporate FUN and inviting environments, interactive and engaging Bible stories, powerful worship, and personal connection through age appropriate Small Groups.

In our 1st-5th Grade Class we use 252 Basics. Everything we teach through 252 Kids is based on three basic, but powerful truths modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52.  252 Kids is designed to provoke discovery and invite kids into a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus. 

I need to make the wise choice.

I can trust God no matter what.

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

In our Preschool-Kindergarten Classes we use First Look.  Everything we teach our youngest attenders is based on one of three simple, but powerful, truths.

God Made Me

God Loves Me

Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever

The entire class is constructed to incite wonder in a preschooler and meet them where they are cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially. Through age appropriate activities, preschoolers are building their spiritual foundation so that by the time they graduate Kindergarten they know these three basic truths.

As you enter the front doors of Life Church, continue across the auditorium and follow the signs for KidsLife. You’ll notice a check-in area in the foyer.  On your first visit a team member will be ready to assist you, collect all necessary information and help with check in. On your next visit, your information will be safely in our system and can use our secure sticker check in system.  In KidsLife, we ensure Environments that are Safe. Every child will receive a printed name tag with a safety code. Each parent/caretaker will receive a corresponding pick up receipt. We will only release children to adults who have the appropriate pick up sticker.  If at any time during the service we need to get in contact with you, the number on your sticker will flash on the screen in the adult experience.

We have a Special Needs and Helping Hands Ministry during our 11:30 Experience.  We believe that EVERY child can experience Jesus at their level. If your child is in need of a “Helping Hand,” please notify our Check-In staff and we would love to partner your child up with a Buddy for the day. We want to do everything we can to ensure that each of you experience Jesus during your time with us at Life Church Buffalo.  

We can’t wait to see your children at KidsLife!


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Are you looking to get connected to KidsLife?  We are always looking for new volunteers and Dream Team Members!  If you are interested in serving, please click the link below to start the process.

 Ages: 8wks - 5th Grade

Check-in location: Kiosks in Kids Ministry Hallway

Pick-up location: Classrooms

Day and time: Sundays, 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am