Your next step in doing life together at Life Church Buffalo

We believe church life is about growing together as disciples of Jesus Christ and fulfilling His mission.  DISCOVER LIFE is a four session course that helps a newcomer to Life Church Buffalo discover how to be a disciple of Christ and what that loos like in the context of the Life Church Buffalo family. You will get a info about the church, its mission, structure, beliefs, and how to get involved, but you will also find a complete strategy on how to be a genuine and complete disciple of Jesus Christ.   

The four session class is held several times a year. The dates are announced on the events page, and in the bulletin. The class curriculum is written and taught by Craig McLeod, the senior pastor. This gives opportunity to make relational connection. You will receive a notebook with notes and scripture verses to work through as it is taught. The sessions are 90 minutes each. Whether you choose to join the Life Church Buffalo family or not, this time together will be worth the time spent. You will come away with a purer view of what church life really is and how you can get involved.

See you there!