Craig, a native of North Carolina and high school all-state football player, attended college at Oral Roberts University majoring in social work and religious education. Following graduation in 1977, he married his college sweetheart, Carol, and was hired by the university to oversee the Community Outreach, serving in the university chaplain’s office, leading students to be actively involved in serving the needs of the Tulsa, Oklahoma community through 60 various ministries.

In 1979, Craig shifted the focus of ministry to the local church. He served on staff at Bayview Church in Mobile, Alabama for 3 years as associate pastor, youth pastor and worship leader. From 1982 – 1987, Craig served as an associate pastor at The Tabernacle in Orchard Park, NY. In 1987, Craig and family moved to North Carolina, where Craig pastored Mission Chapel Church for two years and then planted “Harvest Church” outside of Raleigh, NC, where He pastored for thirteen years.

In North Carolina, Craig served on the leadership team of the area minister’s alliance where city and suburban churches worked together to reach the city for Christ. It was here that he joined another prominent pastor in Raleigh in the mid-90’s to host a popular Christian TV show, “The Gospel in Black and White,” both men drawing from their histories of having been raised in the turbulent south, yet each from totally different racial perspectives. Raising current event issues on the program, they would always find the answers together in the Bible that brought clarity and unity among cultural diversity.

Craig returned to Western New York in 2002, where he became pastor at The Tabernacle in Orchard Park, serving along side Pastor Tommy Reid. In 2006, Pastor Reid, who has planted nearly 20 churches in this region, sent Craig out to plant a church that would fulfill Craig’s life call. Life Church Buffalo was birthed on October 1, 2006 and since that time has become an active and growing member of the Christian community in the greater Buffalo area.

In 2011, Craig, while still leading Life Church Buffalo, began a new adventure to reach the whole earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ, with a primary focus in the nation of India. He and Life Church Buffalo are working closely with Hindustan Bible Institute to plant 10,000 churches all over India by the year 2020. The goal is to reach every village and region with the good news of Jesus Christ, and spreading that same gospel to the other nations in the 10/40 window. 

Craig and Carol have raised five awesome children who are spread out across the country serving in local churches, the music industry, and missions. Four of them are married which has resulted in Craig and Carol becoming grandparents seven times over.