Advance by demonstrating the life and character of Christ through the power of His Spirit.  Conduct random acts of kindness in His name.  Encourage and disciple people in your personal world at work, neighborhood, or school in spiritual growth and kingdom living.  Pray boldly for others in faith for the demonstration of power and grace.

Advance by teaming together with other believers to reach out to the needs of society, leading others to Christ, and affecting social and cultural transformation.  Develop outreach in the already existing small groups, join an outreach team or local ministry listed here on our website and at the info table in the sanctuary, or develop a new outreach team through "Discover Leadership."

Advance by partnering with kingdom people to plant new churches locally and globally.  Join the "micro-church" movement where real church happens in small groups.  Get involved with planting churches in India via prayer, financial support, or even a missions trip.


To advance the kingdom of God with Life Church Buffalo, get involved with an existing outreach, or start your own.